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i went to look up coup de foudre (“love at first sight”) but i fucked up


i fucked up so much

i didn’t know it was possible to fuck it up this much

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surprisingly accurate.

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Best Snaps Pt 2

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Teacher:u havent handed anything in all term
me:i'm about the minimalist aesthetic
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Xena: Warrior Princess, Season 1, Ep. 3 - “Dreamworker”

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2x04 | 4x02

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So yes hello long time no post here!!

This is may or may not be a surprise. I cosplayed one more time, as my always and forever hero, Xena. Inspired by Isaiah's art of how Mulan looks very badass dressing up as Xena, so I decided to cosplay her. 

I made the armour for the costume, you can check the progress on my art/craft blog.

I hope you all doing well, I’m quite surprise that most of you are still here. I wish you all the great things in life and have a wonderful day!

(also yes I met Lucy Lawless ((more like Lucy Flawless)) and she is a form of perfection.)

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snsd ahri ;u;

Will be on sale at sakuracon table (304)

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